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Therapy & the Golden Years

Posted on July 7, 2016 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Most people look forward to the Golden Years, especially after raising families or retiring from the workforce. It can be a very positive time in our lives with a shift from former responsibilities and routines to a positive focus on personal goals which can include discovering new hobbies/interests or enhancing creativity, self-exploration, and developing social networks. As the Golden Years expand and longevity becomes our “new norm,” there will be more time to enjoy these fulfilling activities. As a result, our lives can be filled with new meaning and purpose, hope, and positive mental health and well-being.


Most people face some sort of challenge when transitioning and adjusting to the Golden Years. There can be an increase in grief or loss as we age (loss of a spouse, family members, or peers). Retirement could also be seen as a loss. Other challenges that may arise include: the questioning of our own mortality as well as our sense of purpose, an increase in health issues, changes in cognitive abilities, feelings of loneliness, new financial difficulties, and the role of caregiver to a loved one. As a result, many of us could feel overwhelmed, anxious, depressed or develop other mental health concerns.


Therapy can help older adults cope with the adjustment and transition to the Golden Years. It has become less stigmatized with an increase in acceptance as life expectancy expands. Many people at this stage of life tend to take therapy more seriously with the realization that time is limited, and they are able to obtain results more quickly than younger people do. It can help ease the transition to the Golden Years by facilitating the development of coping skills to help manage emotions more effectively. Therapy can also help improve communication skills, provide a support system, help to discover new areas of meaning and purpose or creativity, establish personal goals, facilitate healing from trauma and loss, work on self-discovery, and help to process fears that may be associated with facing one’s own mortality.


At Silver Linings Counseling, we have caring and compassionate therapists who strive to assist you, or a loved one, transition and adjust to this next step in your life. If you need some assistance, please, let us help you find your “Silver Lining” in the Golden Years!


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