Silver Linings Counseling

Helping you find your silver lining

People seek help from Christian therapists for various different reasons. Maybe you just want someone who shares the same faith as you and the same moral values. Maybe you feel like you are struggling in your life and you know God is there for you but you do not know how to reach out to him. It may also be possible that you are wondering “why God allowed these horrible things to happen to me?”  A Christian therapist can help you through these struggles.  

The following are a few examples of how a Christian therapist can help you on your journey to recovery:


Are you struggling in your marriage? Is God a part of your relationship with your spouse? Is God allowed into your home? God will help you to strengthen your marriage. With God’s help your marriage can and will survive. Let us help you put God in his rightful place in your relationship so that your marriage will prosper.


Everyone experiences loss in their life, and at times it may feel like God has taken someone from you that you love. God does not wish to hurt you. God loves you and wants you to know that you are loved.  We can help you to understand the role that this loss has played in your life and how it will mold you into the person that God intends you to be.  


Are you held down by anger? Are you making choices based on what someone did to hurt you? Are these choices making you feel depressed or bad about yourself? Are you trying to let go of your anger but not sure how?  Jesus was the primary example of forgiveness. The Bible is overrun with examples and words about forgiveness. Let us help you work through this anger and learn how to replace anger with love and forgiveness.


We often ask “if God is a God of love, then why does he allow bad things to happen to good people?” God has a plan and you are part of that plan. Your experiences, good or bad, have molded you into the person that you are today. Let us help you to find meaning and gain strength through the trauma that you have experienced.

What is your purpose?

Have you noticed that no matter what you do, nothing is ever easy?  Do you think that maybe you are working against God’s plan instead of working with it? God has a plan for you. Are you listening? Learn to allow God to guide you and your path. Let us help you identify what God’s plan is for you. We will help you to accept your calling and live a life of service to him.

Learning how to pray

When do you pray? Do you pray when you need something? Do you pray when you are upset? How do you pray? Do you believe that your prayers will be answered? There are so many ways that someone can pray. God just wants to be a part of your life. The problem is that sometimes we feel like our prayers are not being answered because we do not receive the response that we are looking for.  Does that mean that God is not listening? Learn more about how you can pray without feeling disappointment.

Therapists who specialize in this area: