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Please join SLC in supporting legislative bill HB4325 which allows for counselors (LPCs) to continue providing mental health and counseling services in the state of Michigan. Michigan's department of licensing has proposed rule changes that if put into effect would stop counselors from being able to continue practicing as they currently do. HB4325 would override any rule changes. The state needs to hear support from clients who benefit from these services, such as you, in order to pass the bill into law. Please contact by email or phone your state senators and governor and urge them to pass HB4325 into law and tell them why you believe counselors should be able to continue providing mental health services in Michigan. If you have any questions, please speak directly to your therapist or email Stacey Dalton MA LPC at [email protected].  

Below is a list of ways in which you can help! SLC appreciates your support!

Contact Governor Whitmer and encourage support of HB 4325.
Call: 517-335-7858
Electronic message:

Contact your House Representatives and State Senators to encourage support of HB4325.
Find your rep:
Find your senator:

Contact Senate Majority leader Mike Shirkey via phone and email to respectfully request that he support HB 4325 and bring it to the Senate for a full vote as quickly as possible once the bill gets to the senate. Explain that HB 4325 does NOT expand LPCs' scope of practice, it only solidifies what we have already done for over three decades.

Contact the Speaker of the House Representative Lee Chatfield and urge him to put the bill up for a vote WITHOUT AMENDMENTS as soon as possible.

Sign the petition @

Write letters to local news editors about your support of HB4325.