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COVID-19 Information

The CDC and Governor Whitmer have advised social distancing in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19. In support of this public health effort, SLC has obtained HIPAA-compliant, user-friendly video conferencing software and made this software available to our clinicians. We are aware that moving some services to a virtual platform may not work well (e.g., play therapy, psychological testing), that some insurance policies do not cover teletherapy services, and that some clients may not have internet/computer access. We trust our team of clinicians to use their professional judgment in determining whether sessions should continue to be held in the office, via teletherapy, or temporarily suspended until in-person sessions can resume.

We would also like to remind clients struggling with a mental health crisis that the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline provides free, around the clock access to support via phone (800-273-8255) or online chat (found at

SLC therapists will be managing their own schedules so long as the health concerns continue. As such, clients will need to contact their therapist directly regarding scheduling. Clients are encouraged to call SLC's main phone number (586-580-2975) to make deductible/copay payments.

Wishing you safety and good health,

Silver Linings Counseling, PLLC

Our Mission Statement

It is the goal of Silver Linings Counseling to help you navigate through any and all of life’s difficulties. We know that life can be daunting and trying at times, but we want to help you find the silver lining in any scenario. We seek to help you create change in your life so you can feel happy and healthy within it. We believe change is achieved through emotional support, healthy perspective, and hard work. Our team of therapists cares about each individual client and their goals. If the challenges in your life feel like they are overwhelming, we encourage you to take the time for yourself by seeking solutions and support with us.